YouTube Sales Mastermind hosted by YouTubers with millions of subscribers and conversion experts with billions of dollars in client revenue.

Consultants, agencies and B2B companies work with us to turn YouTube from an energy drain into a robust sales engine

Get instant results with guided training

Save time and money with proven workflows

Cut the guesswork with expert audits

Smash your business targets with YouTube

“In our 2 months together, I’ve gone from 1.4K subscribers to 14K subscribers and doubled my average views. Through our weekly meets, I’ve actually figured out ways to enhance my brand and business.”

-Steven Cuthrell, Next Level Neo

3 simple steps toTurn YouTube from an Energy Drain into a Robust Sales Engine


Let’s talk! Book a free consultation call with Mike Dee to discuss your channel, business, goals, and how we can help.


Milan puts together a detailed growth roadmap, setting out exactly how we will supercharge your channel.


With our team of experts in your corner, you’ll see instant results, with the foundation laid for long-term success.

Comprehensive YouTube optimisation you can’t do without

Save Time

We’ve spent decades playing the great online game so that we can give you personalized and actionable feedback in minutes.

Spend Less

We thought, “Why not build a $50K YouTube monetisation mastermind for an ambitious businesses with a tight budget?”. And so we did. 

Instant results

We only work with businesses that we are in a position to help. You will see instant results or you may opt out of the program with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Eliminate the guesswork

Get your frontend YouTube channel audited by YouTubers with millions of subscribers and backend sales funnel audited by conversion experts with billions of dollars in client revenue.

Build a Brand

Get support on all aspects of YouTube growth and optimization to reliably position yourself as a thought leader in your industry all while building a community of true fans that buys from you.

Boost Sales

Skyrocket your conversion rates by turning viewers into customers with evergreen content that drives ROI for years to come and optimized funnels that make you more money per visitor.

Access a network of mentors with proven YouTube and conversion strategies, workflows, and checklists

Audits and ongoing consultation with leading experts

Coaching on all aspects of YouTube growth strategy

Private Slack channel with our executive team

Mike Dee

Founder & CEO, Playstack

Mike works with brands like Notion, Coursera, Miro, Skillshare, and NordPass and has 1.1M+ subs on YouTube.

Taught 30,000+ students

Milan Smets

Chief Production Officer, Playstack

Milan leads YouTube growth and optimization for 10+ channels and loves to nerd out on backend analytics.

Trusted by 1M+ channel creators

Oliver Kenyon

Founder & CEO, ConversionWise

Oliver builds sales funnels for Lionel Messi, Manny Pacquiao, Kim Kardashian, and Lamborghini.

Generated $1 bn+ revenue for clients

Shivam Jha

Founder & CEO, EducationLed

Shivam holds the team accountable for results and builds strategic partnerships. 

Trusted by 1M+ channel creators

🤫 plus secret hosts and collaborators that we don’t want to use as clickbait.

Every detail, done with you

Features and Benefits

Why wait for unlimited YouTube success?

The YouTube Mastermind helps you turn your YouTube from an energy drain into a sales engine with unlimited access to proven people, workflows, and guidance.

“The team at Playstack has helped bring actionable clarity to my YouTube process, including CTR optimization, title recommendation, thumbnail guidance, in-video flow. Their core team has a comprehensive view of what works on YouTube and have been able to help me boost my viewership by over 50% the last few months.”