We help founders and agencies generate leads 24/7 from YouTube with just 2 hours a month.

Build a community of true followers and turn viewers into customers with evergreen video sales assets.

Generated 100m+ YouTube views and 1000+ leads

Consulted and helped increase revenue for 100's of businesses

Working with clients with 1m+ subscribers on YouTube

How we doubled Kathy's metrics in 30 days

“They’ve practically doubled our viewership month over month. They help us make more money. But the best part is that I can message them at 6am or 6pm New York time and I get a response within minutes. These guys truly care and overdeliver.

- Kathy Lien

3 simple steps to more leads and sales


Let’s talk! Book a free consultation call with Mike Dee to discuss your channel, business, goals, and how we can help.


Milan puts together a detailed growth roadmap, setting out exactly how we will supercharge your channel.


With our team of experts in your corner, you’ll see instant results, with the foundation laid for long-term success.

Already have a YouTube channel but not getting views or sales? That's where Playstack come in...

Save Time

YouTube growth doesn’t need to be slow. We make it sustainable and effortless with our proven systems, expert network and dedicated channel success manager.

Spend Less

It’s a common belief that growing on YouTube is expensive. We make it affordable by delivering evergreen assets that drive ROI for years to come.

Instant results

We only work with channels that we are in a position to help. You will see instant results within a month, or you may cancel your subscription.

Eliminate the guesswork

For most businesses, YouTube is a guessing game. We remove the uncertainty by staying on the pulse and implementing proven systems.

Learn & Grow

We meet with 1m+ YouTube channel owners and 7+ figure business owners every week. You can join us as part of our inner circle.

We do everything to get you the right views, leads and conversions

How we helped Steven go from 1,400 subscribers to 14,000 in 2 months

“It's been 2 months now, we've gone from 1,400 subs to just over 14,000 subs, our views have gone from 100 views per video to just over 200 views per video within the first week, viewer retention is up, clickthrough rate is up...until you get help from a professional, you really don't understand what you're missing.

- Steven Cuthrell

Access a network of mentors with proven YouTube and conversion strategies, workflows, and checklists

Audits and ongoing consultation with leading experts

Coaching on all aspects of YouTube growth strategy

Private Slack channel with our executive team

Mike Dee

Founder & CEO, Playstack

Mike works with brands like Notion, Coursera, Miro, Skillshare, and NordPass and has taught 30,000+ students.

1m+ subscribers on YouTube

Milan Smets

Chief Production Officer, Playstack

Milan leads YouTube growth and optimization for 20+ channels and loves to nerd out on backend analytics.

Increased revenue for 100+ channels

Oliver Kenyon

Founder & CEO, ConversionWise

Oliver builds sales funnels for Lionel Messi, Manny Pacquiao, Kim Kardashian, and Lamborghini.

Generated $1 bn+ revenue for clients

Shivam Jha

Founder & CEO, EducationLed

Shivam helps build communities for some of your favourite creators, and holds the team and members accountable.

Works with some of the world's biggest creators

We've transformed 100's of YouTube channels into 24/7 lead generators, driving growth and converting views into sales.


How we created the second best performing video for this 5-year-old YT channel with 40K subscribers outperforming 997 previous videos.

Empire Flippers

How we got 12 times the average view count for this 8-figures business channel that has already uploaded 268 videos, by simply making this 1 change.


How we doubled the stats for this YT channel with 890 prior videos in just a month by optimizing every component so the algorithm picked the channel up.

The Playstack difference 

Trained YouTube editors

Unlimited consultations

CRO review by ConversionWise

Dedicated channel success manager

Long term success

Other YouTube Agencies

Outsource to Fiverr editors

Monthly consultations

Limited sales funnel expertise

Complex workflows

Short term boost

You choose between our done-for-you or done-with-you solutions



YouTube Channel Audit by proven YouTubers that have generated millions of subscribers

Sales Funnel Audit by conversion experts that have generated $1bn in revenue for clients

Free access to our mastermind network ($4,000 value)

Studio setup and guidance by Playstack’s Chief Production Officer

Dedicated channel success manager and our exec team in your private Slack channel

10 done-for-you high-converting videos

Full channel management including channel and video SEO

$5000 for 12 months access



20 done-for-you high-converting videos (read FAQ)

Full channel management including channel and video SEO

On-demand video ideas, outline, script writing/ review

7-day delivery for videos upon content submission

Unlimited revisions on your videos and ongoing support from our team

Dedicated channel success manager and our exec team in your private Slack channel

Free access to our mastermind network ($4,000 value)

No long-term contracts. Pause or cancel at any time

$3000/month, cancel any time

How we helped Thomas 300x his views in 30 days

"Our second video we did together became my most successful video in my channel of 5 years. My clients are very high-ticket for millions of dollars."

- Cannabis Legalization News

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Why wait for more leads and sales?

With our Mastermind and Accelerator, we help you turn your YouTube channel into a 24/7 lead generator with unlimited access to proven people, workflows, and guidance.

“The team at Playstack has helped bring actionable clarity to my YouTube process, including CTR optimization, title recommendation, thumbnail guidance, in-video flow. Their core team has a comprehensive view of what works on YouTube and have been able to help me boost my viewership by over 50% the last few months.”

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